January 28, 2018

This week’s spontaneous adventure: Palm Springs!

Palm Springs is notorious for its beautiful desert plains and its amazing weather most months of the year. I have never been anywhere like it, it’s such a unique place and after only two days here I already love it.

My sister Tash, her boyfriend, Gilles and I decided last minute to take the three hour road trip to Palm Springs for the weekend. Even the drive was cool, the urban city of Los Angeles was gradually replaced by rural desert land and gorgeous mountains. The most famous part of the drive is when you get close to palm springs and are surrounded by fields of wind turbines, we drove through them at sunset so it made the experience even more magical and the traffic on the way there… worthwhile (Random fact: These windmills are known for producing around 6.9% of all of California’s electricity, which I thought was pretty amazing seeing how big the state is).

We stayed at the Parker Palm Springs which I think by far is the cutest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. The best way to describe it is like something out of Alice In Wonderland. The grounds of the hotel are like a maze with secret gardens, beautiful pools and even a life size chest board. My favourite garden is the lemon tree garden where you can sit on the table and chairs and drink the best the best homemade lemonade you’ve ever had. One afternoon, we decided to drive further out into the desert. We hung out, listened to music and watch the sunset.

Palm Springs, I’ll definitely be back soon!

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