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January 27, 2017

All of our lives we are faced with “picture perfect” images in magazines that seem to set the standards of what it is to be “beautiful”. The media tell us to “love ourselves just the way we are” but everything we see around us is a contradiction of that and “loving yourself” is sometimes easier said than done.

We all have insecurities, which most of us try so hard to hide or “fix”. I was born with a birthmark on my upper, right thigh, which for a long time I was highly insecure about. I would go to the beach in a bikini and stand with my hand on the side of my leg trying to cover it as best I could. Now its my favorite part about myself and if anything I’m very proud to flaunt it. I realized that everyone is different, that obviously includes me and that if I spend my life wanting something I cant have I will never be happy.

The saying goes “You always want what you cant have”- I wanted the shoot for this blog post to be mermaid themed. Every girl who loves the ocean pictures mermaids to be mystical and beautiful but fairytales tell the story of how they just want to be like us. They are the perfect example of how being different is beautiful but even they are thought to want something they don’t have.

To me, our differences are what make us mystical, just like mermaids.

-Love Sophia

Skirt from Iorane
Diamond Choker from Fallon Jewelry
Gold necklace from Frasier Sterling Jewelry
Bikini top from She Made Me

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    you’re just so incredible beautiful <3 i think you should definitely post here much more often!

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